About company

Lenmetrogiprotrans JSC is the successor of Lenmetroproyekt founded in 1946 to design the subway in Len­ingrad.The Institute is the leader in tunnel and subway designing. Our seventy five years in designing Russian and foreign facilities, cooperation with several research and design organizations, and high professionalism are sure to meet all requirements of customers,be it in Russian or international.

Lenmetrogiprotrans employs about 300 high-skilled specialists, including two Doctors and 20 Candidates of Engineering. The Institute's activity is supported by technical, economic and administrative departments and services. Among them is the engineering expert service including a design office and an engi­neering library with the common fund of over 50 items, and a computer-aided design depart­ment. Lenmetrogiprotrans has up-to-date com­puter-aided design facilities: over 300

The Institute has received several State prizes, national and international awards and diplomas for high efficiency and competitiveness in design and survey. Institute has several times won international and all-Russian competitions and regularly attends international congresses, symposiums, seminars and exhibitions.

The highest priority in the activities of Lenmetrogiprotrans is ensuring a stable high quality of its design products so that the best construction sites as concerns engineering, aesthetics, social and economic solution could be obitained. 

The institute’s designs are developed advanced technology and construction methods, new designs:

  • using up-to-date design automation programs (3D design in particular)
  • advanced construction technologies and solutions (microtunneling, TBM tunneling, special ground reinforcing solutions, Jet Grouting technology etc.)
  • construction of a single transport corridor of the two-lane road and single-track railway tunnels with multi function tunnel connecting the ventilation and evacuation tunnels
  • using the method of electromagnetic pulse ultra-wideband sensing in geological survey before slaughter of the tunnel under construction
  • construction of underground structures of shallow open pit method top down with walling «wall in the ground»
  • application of the automated control system of technological processes in railway tunnels etc.

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