The core activities of Lenmetrogiprotrans are integrated design of subways, railway and motor road tunnels with their infrastructure, including:

  • eneral contractor functions
  • Engineering survey (geological, geodetic and geophysical)
  • Design of the route and the superstructure of the track, organization of operation
  • Architectural solutions, reconstruction of buildings and structures
  • Structural design of distillation tunnels, stations and other structures
  • Design of power supply, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, water supply and sanitation
  • Design of dispatching, communication, automation and process control systems
  • Design of security systems (fire, transport, anti-terror, etc.)
  • Development of construction organization projects
  • Preparation of construction estimates for construction;
  • Research work to support the main sections of projects and monitoring facilities during construction and operation
  • Architectural supervision of the construction of new facilities

In accordance with certificates of admission to work including hazardous, highly technical and unique objects issued by self-regulated research-and-production organizations, Lenmetrogiprotrans offers services related to:

  • geodetic survey;
  • geological survey;
  • environmental survey;
  • geotechnical engineering survey;
  • survey of the condition of soils at the foundations of buildings and structures;
  • management of engineering survey by a contracted developer or a legal entity or individual entrepreneur (general contractor) authorized thereby;
  • preparing layout plans for plots of land;
  • development of architectural solutions;
  • development of design solutions;
  • preparing information on indoor utility equipment, indoor utility lines and utility-related work required;
  • preparing information on outdoor utility lines and utility-related work required;
  • preparing of process solutions;
  • preparing of solutions for subway facilities and their complexes;
  • development of special sections of design documentation (engineering aspects of civil defense, pre­vention of natural and man-made emergencies, development industrial safety declarations for danger­ous production facilities);
  • preparing of plans of construction management, demolition and dismantling of buildings and struc­tures, extension of operation and conservation periods;
  • environmental protection plans and designs;
  • fire safety plans and designs;
  • preparing of plans of actions to provide access for low-mobility groups of citizens;
  • survey of buildings' and structures' designs;
  • development of design documentation by a legal entity or individual entrepreneur engaged by the developer or customer under a contract (general designer).

The Institute has all necessary licenses to pur­sue its activities.