The core activities of Lenmetrogiprotrans are integrated design of subways, railway and motor road tunnels with their infrastructure, including engineering survey for studies (geological, geodetic and geophysical), mining environmental monitoring, architectural solutions, general contractor functions, and project-supporting research.

We have developed and are implementing designs of utility buildings, road traffic control stations, pedestrian underpasses, transfer hubs, undeground parking lots etc

The Institute's designs are developed using uo-to-date design automation programs (3D design in particular), and advanced construction technologies and solutions. The designs also involve most advanced equioment, materials and structures.

The institute has designed hundreds of miles of road and rail tunnels in and outside Russia. We are designing rail and road tunnels in Krasnodar Territory, Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, the Baikal Tunnel etc.

Lenmetrogiprotrans and its Bamtunnelproyekt have completed designs for ten BAM tunnels of a total length of 58 km, including the unique Severomuiskiy Tunnel, the new Baikal Tunnel, where innovative structures and technologies of underground construction were implemented in severe climatic, seismic and geological conditions.

Lenmetrogiprotrans tunnels designs ensured road and rail communication lines in the period of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, witch are successfully operated today.

Constructed and operated to the Institute's designs are five subway lines and 72 stations in St. Petersburg, also 13 stations  in Moscow. Lenmetrogiprotrans did a great scope of work for the design of Line 1 of the Kazan Subway (2005).

In addition, the Institute's personnel contributed to the designing and consulted the construction of tunnels and subways in India, Syria, Algeria, Finland, Hungary and Cuba

Lenmetrogiprotrans is a member of SRO non-profit partnership, successfully operating within the framework of the international standart ISO 9001