The metro station "Govorovo"

State customer: Moscow City Construction Department
Customer-general designer: : Mosinzhproekt JSC
Designer: JSC  Lenmetrogiprotrans
Location: along Borovskoye Highway, east of 50 Oktyabrya Street
Opening date: August 30, 2018

Technical characteristics:

  • Station depth: 14 meters
  • Platforms: 1  island platform
  • Platform length: 163 m.
  • Type of station: column 

Architectural design:

The station has a bright, modern design in which the lighting concept plays a major role. The basic color chosen for the station is black, but yellow, white, and purple are also used. The black columns, where the light is hidden behind perforated stone slabs, are spotlit. The columns are illuminated from inside, and passengers can see a pattern of glowing droplets on their surface. The platform is finished in gray granite; the ceiling is black, mirror-like, with a labyrinthine pattern of fluorescent lamps. The light on the station has three tones: warm yellow, white, and purple (ultramarine). This gives the interior additional volume and expressiveness.