The metro station "Okskaya"

Customer:  Mosinzhproekt JSC
Contractor: JSC  Lenmetrogiprotrans
Location: the intersection of Okskaya Street and Ryazansky Prospekt
Opening date: March 27, 2020

Technical characteristics:

  • Station depth: 21 meters
  • Platforms: 2 platforms
  • Traffic: 140 thousand people per day
  • Platform length: 189,92 m.
  • Type of station: column 

Architectural design:

At the station you can see a combination of blue and gray with black. The main image inherent in the interior is circles on the water. It is achieved through a dynamic composition of large-scale luminous rings on the background of dark blue cladding. The lighting is 'ring fixtures'.

The architects were inspired by the nearby Oka street, named after the Oka river. Therefore the main color chosen for the station design was blue, which was used to decorate the ticket office, lobbies and platform.