The metro station "Stakhanovskaya"

Customer:  Mosinzhproekt JSC
Contractor: JSC  Lenmetrogiprotrans
Location: Ryazansky Prospekt, 2nd Grayvoronovsky fare
Opening date: March 27, 2020

Technical characteristics:

  • Station depth: 19 meters
  • Platforms: 2 platforms
  • Traffic: 100 thousand people per day
  • Platform length: 218 m.
  • Type of station: column 

Architectural design:

The main colors in the decoration of the station are red, gray and black. The walls are faced with ceramic granite, gray pearl panels, as well as metal-ceramic panels decorated with prints. The floor of the station is covered with gray granite and gabbro, light beams are placed under the ceiling.

The station was named in honor of the miner Alexei Stakhanov, who mined a shift in the night of August 30 to 31, 1935 in the mine 102 tons of coal at the rate of 7 tons.