The metro station "Yugo-vostochnaya"

Customer:  Mosinzhproekt JSC
Contractor: JSC  Lenmetrogiprotrans
Location: along Fereganskaya Street at the intersection with Tashkentskaya Street
Opening date: March 27, 2020

Technical characteristics:

  • Station depth: 20 meters
  • Platforms: 2 platforms
  • Traffic: 80 thousand people per day
  • Type of station: column 

Architectural design:

The basis of the composition of the station are large-scale plafonds - "domes" under the ceiling of the platforms and the lobby. The plafonds are reflective (with a texture of "matte porcelain") shells for the lamps that are located below them. The theme of snow-white domes is associatively combined with the motifs of historical architecture of the southeastern region whose toponymic names are reflected in the names of the streets in the station area (Ferganskaya Street, Tashkentskaya Street, Samarkand Boulevard).