The metro station "Begovaya"

Customer:  The Сommittee for the development of transport infrastructure of St. Petersburg
General designer: JSC «Lenmetrogiprotrans».
General contractor: JSC «Metrostroy»
Location: along Touristskaya street, between Primorsky avenue and Savushkina street
Opening date: May 26, 2018

Technical characteristics:

  • Station depth: 20 meters
  • Platforms: 2 platforms

This is the most western metro station in Russia.

Architectural design:

Architectural design is associated with the theme of the modern industrial urban environment, characteristic of the station's location area. The architecture of the station was designed by architects N.V. Romashkin-Timanov and U. S. Sergeeva.

The theme of architecture is revealed in the image of decorative lamps arranged on columns, stylized as "propellers."

The floors of the vestibules and the station are made of polished granite.

The columns are faced with stainless steel sheets, the walls are covered with ceramic panels with plinths of polished black granite.

For the most complete disclosure of the architectural and artistic concept of the station on the side walls, artistic and decorative glass compositions designed in the scale of station finishing were designed. Art panels were made using the technology of lenticular printing (artist I.I. Baranova).

For the safety of passengers, glazed fences with automatic sliding doors are installed along the edges of the platforms. The exit of passengers is carried out to the right side, as well as at the other metro stations with onshore platforms.