The metro station "Bukharestskaya"

Customer:  The State Unitary Enterprise «St. Petersburg Metro»
General designer: JSC «Lenmetrogiprotrans».
General contractor: JSC «Metrostroy»
Location:  the intersection of Salova Street and Bukharestskaya Street 
Opening dateDecember 28, 2012

Technical characteristics:

  • Station depth: 65 meters
  • Type of station: pylon
  • Entrance to the station: lobby on the first floor of the shopping center
  • Traffic: total about 332 thousand people per month
  • Platforms: 1 island platform

Architectural design:

The station "Bukharestskaya" is named after the name of the street near which it is located. The architectural design is associated with the name of the station and is associated with the architectural images of Bucharest. The theme of Romanian architecture is revealed in the image of squat white stone walls and the rhythm of decorative shades of ceiling lamps. The decor of the station includes linear mosaic inserts on the border of walls and ceiling. The metal fasteners of the cornices and the ceiling, the decorative belts along the top of the light cornices, the shades of the lamps in the central hall and the linear mosaic inserts are made in golden tones.