Development of the organization of the communication Sochi – Adler – airport «Sochi» with the construction of a new railway line Adler – the airport

Customer: JSC "Russian Railways
General designer: Institute "Kavzheldorproekt" - branch of JSC "Roszheldorproekt"
Сontractor: JSC «Lenmetrogiprotrans»
Location: Krasnodar region, Sochi

Main features: The length of the route 2.8 km, 4 lanes, man-made structures, the bridge, 3 flyovers, a single-track railway tunnels length of tunnels number 1 – 166,86 m, overcoming the level of elevation of 6.67 m, the tunnel № 2 -336 m., overcoming the level of elevation of 11.84 m., a retaining wall, 98m., throughout the tunnels provides waterproofing against ground water. The portals are designed in the form of monolithic reinforced concrete retaining walls angled type. Construction of the permanent way – continuous way on the rails, ballast. Designed horseshoe-shaped tunnel lining of reinforced concrete.

Seismic intensity for average soil conditions - 9 points. The territory of route is within region low mountains and foothill relief of the southern slope of the Northwest Caucasus. The highest absolute level of 22 m and 118 m. The Slope is dissected by erosive depressions, groundwater, affected by erosion, weathering, landslides, avalanches, slide clay rocks.