Metro from st. "Leninskaya" to the station"Gorki" in Kazan

General designer: JSC Kazgrazhdanproekt
Сontractor: JSC  Lenmetrogiprotrans
Opening date: August 27, 2005

The total construction length of the section in double-track terms is 8.67 km. 5 stations and a connecting line to the depot were built on the site.

Technical characteristics of the metro station "Ametyevo":

  • Platforms: 1  island platform
  • Traffic: 210 thousand people per day
  • Platform length: 105 meters
  • Type of station: column
  • Platform width: 10 meters

Architectural design:

Made in high-tech style and blue and white colors, the appearance of the station is associated with a futuristic space weightless structure, opened in free space. The subway tracks, as it were, break out of the dungeon between the round and non-linear-triangular towers onto the bridge with a glass translucent tinted convex pavilion.