The metro station "Admiralteyskaya"

Customer:  The State Unitary Enterprise «St. Petersburg Metro»
General designer: JSC «Lenmetrogiprotrans».
General contractor: JSC «Metrostroy»
Location: Kasimovskaya and Bukharestskaya streets
Opening dateDecember 20, 2008

Technical characteristics:

The station is connected to the ground with two consecutive esalators. Since it is very difficult to build escalators longer than 125 metres (410 ft), it was decided to build one long escalator (125 metres (410 ft)) to the intermediate level. From this level a shorter (25 metres (82 ft)) escalator leads to the station. The total depth of the station is 86 metres (282 ft) which makes it the deepest metro station in Saint Petersburg.

  • Traffic: about 998 thousand people per month
  • Platforms: 1 island platforms 

Architectural design:

The decoration used several varieties of marble. The floors are made of gray granite, with three wind rose inlays in different colors of marble.

The arches of the station are framed by black columns cast from aluminum alloy. Decorative elements made of brass casting are widely used: column capitals, vault elements imitating ship ropes, etc. At the end of the station there is a mosaic panel “Foundation of the Admiralteystva by Peter I” (artist A.K.Bystrov). High reliefs of Russian admirals and naval commanders by sculptors V.D. Sveshnikova and A.S. Charkina are placed between the columns. The track walls are faced with marble of the color of the waves of the Baltic Sea.