The new Baikal tunnel

Customer: JSC "Russian Railways" (DCRC)
General designer: JSC "Stroy-trest"
Сontractor: JSC «Lenmetrogiprotrans»
Location:  the border of the Irkutsk (Western portal) region and Buryatia (East portal), the Baikal-Amur mainline, on the site Kunerma — Severobaikalsk

Main features: single-track railway tunnel with two drainage tunnels 1500,0 m and 1 747, 36 m.

The length of the tunnel 6682,05 m. The height difference between the Western and Eastern portals of 83 m.

Design: Traction – locomotive. The tunnel is located in complex seismic and geodynamic conditions.  Mountain range, crossed by the Baikal tunnel, folded by complex igneous rocks – granites. In tectonic respect the area located in the regional area of the deep fault. Rocks in the fracture zones are strongly fractured, often fragmented. The cross-sectional area of the tunnel  52.3 m3 (round cross section), the perimeter of the cross section of the tunnel 25, 6 m. The superstructure – ballastless design. The type of lining – precast concrete blocks.

Seismic intensity for average soil conditions - 8-9 points.